“Crazy women are better in bed.”

It seems to me that the stereotype that crazy women are better in bed is really just the fetishization of women who, due to trauma and/or mental illness, may feel like they’re not allowed to say no (often precisely because they don’t want to be labeled “crazy” like so many women are the second they reveal that they have needs and desires that don’t match a man’s).

For the record, fetishizing a lack of healthy boundaries is creepy as fuck. So is taking advantage of someone else’s compromised mental state for your own ends, then discarding them when it no longer directly benefits you — but the attitude that this is okay to do to someone is sadly prevalent in our culture. It’s particularly odious given that people with mental illnesses are more likely to be victims of abuse and violence than perpetrators.

So think about that before you talk about a “crazy” person being a “wild ride”. People with mental illnesses are not here to be your amusement park.


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