Oversensitive much?

It is the height of hilarity to me whenever I get unfriended for pointing out that I’m not the “sensitive” one in the conversation, because I’m not the one who is so unable to take any kind of criticism that he (and it’s a “he” about 99.99% of the time) immediately gets defensive, starts desperately trying to get those criticizing him to back down, and even boots them from him space/life completely simply for pointing out that he posted something that perpetuates racist/sexist/homophobic/transphobic/whatever stereotypes.

Nah, bro, no need to wish me good luck in life. Keep it for yourself — you clearly need it more. It must be hard, being perpetually butthurt because you can’t just say or post whatever the hell you want without thinking of anyone but yourself and expect to never get called on it.

Also, the joke’s on you, because my no longer having any respect for you after the way you showed your ass in that conversation means you actually did me a favor by unfriending me, and I will now mock you forever and ever and possibly even model a myopic, self-centered, intellectually lazy character with an immensely fragile ego after you! Thanks, dudebro! You’re a real inspiration!


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