An open letter to my future partners

Dear future partners,

Let’s get one thing straight right now: you will not need me. Not only is that literally true in the sense that your life is certain to go on without me in it, but I will not tolerate you entertaining the fantasy that you cannot have a complete or fulfilling life unless you and I are together.

If you do entertain that fantasy, that will tell me that you are not just entrenched but invested in your own weakness; that on some level, you like being dependent on others. A relationship with me is not for the weak. Furthermore, that you think you need me will tell me that you don’t actually want me, and that when it comes right down to it, I could be anyone at all as long as I give you the things you depend on — security, affection, distraction from your own unhealed wounds — and don’t make you get those things on your own. I am tired of settling for being needed even after I’m no longer wanted. I will not be a matter of convenience for anyone anymore.

If you persist in this delusion, you will prove yourself unworthy of me, and I will move the fuck on. I am not for the likes of you. I am better, far better, than that.



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